Corporate Social Responsibility

Starlit Suites strive to bring about a positive change in the society. We believe that as part of this society we have numerous responsibilities on us to make this world cleaner and better for us and our future generation. Our facilities work on clean forms of energy and aim to create a consistent healthy environment for the employees, customers and the world.

We also take initiatives in providing shelter, food & children’s health, while creating career opportunities for our associates in the workplace & supporting education for under privileged children through various associations.

Charity begins at home and so does any social work.

Starlit Suites plans to achieve its goal of cleaner and better environment by starting at its premises and following a set of rules and regulations which shall result in proper and effective use of energy :

Curtail its energy, water and paper usage, through innovative design, infrastructure and behavior.
Waste reduction through re-use & recycling; by purchasing recycled, recyclable or re-furbished products & materials.
Restraining the use of hazardous material where these alternatives are available, economical & suitable.
Incorporate environmental considerations into procurement decisions (including refurbishments/new building projects).
Raise environmental awareness / influence across all tiers of the organization to facilitate a reduction in the company’s collective environment impact.
Usage of products and services that do the least damage to the environment.
Communicate our environmental commitment to partners and to the public and encourage them to do the same.
Encourage all staff and event attendees to use environmentally sensitive transport methods wherever possible.
Improve environmental performance and minimise the social impact and damage of company activities.
Intermittently reviewing its environmental policy in light of our current and planned future activities.

We promote eco-sustainable development and believe that anyone in hospitality industry can play a very important role in minimising any adverse effects of the products and services being used or rendered. Activities which adhere to social benefit are our core values and are embedded in our working system and the employees at Starlit Suites are properly trained for such activities.