Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant & Bars

Enjoy in our charismatic and fabulous restaurants and bars. Avail the souvenir of personalised and exquisite hospitality and relish some astounding delicacies and incredible cocktails.  Our welcoming restaurants have a friendly environment and a special grace which will delight you.

Restaurants with a taste of exploration, a variety of cuisines and unbelievingly amazing food. The kitchen is run by highly professional and experienced chef and sous chef and remarkably talented team working under them who have versatile knowledge in the world of food and can also prepare for you as per your taste and requirements. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian we have separate sections in the kitchens so that you are comfortable with every bite you have. We are professionals when it comes to providing personalised services in terms of food.

Our services are astoundingly modest and maintain an enchanting atmosphere to keep you relaxed and let you enjoy your food.Our Bars are places with eternal charisma where you can just relax in their elegant and classy surroundings which will allure you to savour the implausible drinks and cocktails.Enjoy your champagne aperitif or the signature cocktails accompanied by soothing music. There is also an extensive range of premium spirits.The bars provide you with exemplary surroundings for pre and post dinner drinks, so wear your prettiest smile and enjoy lavish cocktails.Enjoy the culinary delights, delicate and vibrant appetizers and share an exciting meal with your friends, family or business partners along with the classy cocktails and music in our Restaurants and Bars which are open until late at night.