Meeting and Events

Meetings & Events

Starlit Suites & Select fosters professionalism and excellence in all aspects of meetings and event management and also promotes the value and effectiveness of meetings and events as an important high-yield sector of business travel and tourism.

Our services incorporate event supplier sourcing and administrative support so you benefit from our expert event planning and advice. We believe that meetings and events are opportunities to create relationships and engender value. We have an exceptionally experience team of members who listen to you understand your requirements and work with you to make your event a success.

We provide you access to expert consultants who provide you wide range of solutions and maximise your opportunities. With us you can be assured of getting best in class services, tools of advance technology and greater visibility. Our expert professionals excel in solving all the critical issues related to organising and handling meetings and events. Whether its site sourcing, logistical planning, on-site management, management solutions etc, we help you in all and deliver our best to make you the best.

We know and understand the pressures and tensions of organising an event so no matter whether it’s a small or large event we have it covered for you. So get ready to enrich your experience smooth planning and high standards of services.